Our Eagan Claims Department will report your claim information to the company and/or provide you with the direct reporting number. Our staff of experienced professionals will also deliver excellent service until the claim process is complete.

  1. Contact your insurance agent to report a claim.
  2. Make temporary repairs.
  3. Make a list of damaged items.
  4. Take photos or video of the damage.
  5. Start cleaning up.
  6. Do not throw anything away until you have spoken with your adjuster. (Very Important)
  1. Take pictures of all damages
  2. Do temporary repairs to protect property from any further damages.
  3. Keep receipts for all temporary repairs.
  4. Contact your agent and/or insurance company to report damages.
  1. Do not admit fault.
  2. Call the police for all accidents.
  3. Exchange insurance and personal information with all other vehicles involved.
  4. Report the incident to your agent or insurance center.
  5. If the vehicle is non-drivable check with your agent or website for your insurance carrier to see if they have a list of approved body shops.
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Eagan Insurance can call some companies on your behalf; others may require you to call them directly to file a claim.