Please take a few minutes to review your limits and coverages to be sure these are in line with your current lifestyle.  If we do not handle all your personalinsurance needs, please call us for a quote. We represent many companies rated “A” by A.M. Best.  You may be eligible for a premium discount for placementof multiple lines of coverage.




  • Have you renovated or upgraded recently?
  • Have you installed any security devices?
  • Is your content limit enough to cover your possessions in the event of a loss? Have you purchased new items?
  • Are your liability limits high enough to cover your assets?
  • Do you have collectables such as jewelry, furs, fine arts, silverware or other items to be scheduled?




  • Remember, flood insurance is EXCLUDED under your Homeowners policy. You must purchase separate flood insurance to be covered in the event of damage from rising water.
  • Excess flood insurance is also available as maximum primary dwelling and/or contents limits may not be enough.




  • Are your coverages and liability limits sufficient?
  • Are all vehicles and drivers listed on your policy?


Watercraft and Other Recreational Vehicles


  • Boats, golf carts, ATVs, jet skis and other recreational vehicles require a separate insurance policy. Call us—don’t expose yourself to unnecessary risks by leaving them uninsured.




  • Is it time to consider an Umbrella policy?
  •  Higher limits above your current liability limits are available.


DO NOT WAIT UNTIL YOU HAVE A LOSS TO QUESTION YOUR POLICY!  Please call our office to discuss your policies.