What We Insure – Business Insurance

Because of Eagan’s independence and financial stability, we have been selected to represent some of the oldest and most revered insurers in the United States and abroad. The companies we represent enjoy outstanding financial strength as well. The most reliable insurance company rating organizations, A.M. Best & Co. and Standard & Poors, assign the majority of companies that we represent the highest ratings for financial security and claims paying procedures.

Our companies offer loss control departments to help provide safer workplace environments, thus reducing time lost due to employee injuries. Claims payment records are timely and accurate. Attentive fraud departments are available to assist our customers.


  •  Property/Fire
  •  General Liability
  •  Flood and Excess Flood
  •  Umbrella
  •  Automobile and Business Vehicles
  •  Worker’s Compensation
  •  Inland Marine
  •  Professional Liability
  •  Bonds
  •  Aviation
  •  Crime Liability
  •  Cyber Liability
  •  Comprehensive coverage for small and mid-sized firms
  •  Affordable packages for small businesses that won’t compromise cash flow
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